3 domande a Dave Andrews

Hcp34 Pops and Sunshine is your first novel? How is been born the idea of this book?

DA Yes, Pops and Sunshine is my first novel. I was inspired to write it after meeting many of the wonderful young women golfers on the FUTURES Tour.

Hcp34 One of the protagonists of the book has your same name, Dave. How much of autobiographic is in the weft?

DA The novel is not autobiographical. The “Dave” character is fictitious and does not represent me.

Hcp34 The history of Lisa will have a continuation?

DA I am writing the sequel to Pops and Sunshine now. Lisa will encounter many more personal and professional challenges in the new story, which I am calling Goodbye, Pops. I hope to have the new novel completed in the spring of 2008.

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