Peugeot is organising the 2nd edition of the Peugeot RCZ Cup

Peugeot is organising the second edition of the Peugeot RCZ Cup international golf competition, with its original and inventive format, open to players of all levels. Last year's highly successful event was acclaimed by golfers of all nationalities, with the competition attracting the participation of almost 11,500 amateur players around the world.
Peugeot RCZ CupPeugeot RCZ Cup: an international competition.
The Peugeot RCZ Cup will be held from end March to mid August 2011. This 2011 edition of the international competition is being organised in fourteen countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Peru, Portugal and Switzerland. The first competition will take place in Dubai on 24 March 2011.
Over 50 competitions will be organised by the Marque's dealers in France this year.
This new competition, open to all amateur golfers, is organised at the initiative of dealers. Participating teams are comprised of two players. They will compete according to the Scramble format (the players choose the best placed ball each time).

The original feature of this major challenge: two flags on the green.
The competition uses a twin playing format which means added fun and the chance to aim for two different flags. The goal is to share a common passion.

The two flags.
Two flags are positioned on 9 of the course's 18 greens (on all even-numbered holes or all odd-numbered holes): a white flag flying the Peugeot logo and a blue flag flying the RCZ Cup logo.
The Peugeot flag is considered to be the easiest pin position while the RCZ Cup flag is harder. Each team has the option of playing white flags only or playing 9 white flags and 9 RCZ Cup blue flags.

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