Organic cotton. Carbon neutral. Ethically produced

As a brand, Golf Refugees prefer to use natural fibres such as organic cotton.
We select organic cotton certified by The Soil Association, the most respected organic authority in the UK.
Golf RefugeesThe textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the World. Approximately 8,000 chemicals, including insecticides and pesticides, are used in epic quantities to turn raw materials into clothing.
Non-organic cotton is the world’s most sprayed crop.
Organic cotton is grown on smaller farms and the chemicals used in non-organic cotton production are banned for the production of organic cotton.

Other golf brands use non-organic cotton or synthetic fibres such as polyester, which is derived from petroleum and requires high energy-consuming manufacturing processes.
We call polyester polo shirts "oil-slick" polos.

Golf Refugees are the first golf brand to offer a range of carbon neutral apparel.
But how can we claim that our shirts are carbon neutral?

An independent body called The Carbon Trust calculates the carbon footprint of a product from manufacture to the point of delivery.
Golf Refugees polo shirts & t-shirts are manufactured using renewable energy instead of fossil fuel based grid energy.
The Carbon Trust has calculated that our shirts have a 90% reduced carbon footprint.
These are actual reductions achieved in the manufacturing, without any carbon offsetting.

An investigative journalist from The Times newspaper recently uncovered the alarming pollution by a textile factory located in the tiny nation of Lesotho, Africa.
The factory was found to be discarding hazardous toxins into a nearby landfill site. This factory supplied two of the world's largest clothing brands.
Golf Refugees clothing is produced in manufacturing facilities which are monitored in accordance with the strict standards advocated by the International Labour Organisation and the Ethical Trading Initiative.
These standards forbid the use of child labour and forced labour and insist on safe and healthy working conditions with legal labour contracts which pay a living wage and forbid excessive hours of work.

We can understand why you would feel proud to wear a branded polo shirt promoted by one of your favourite golfers, but we also hope you would feel proud to wear a Golf Refugees polo because of it's ethical and environmental values.

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